Liberal Democrats Select Parliamentary Candidates For Snap General Election

key_diamonds_diversity.jpgLiverpool Liberal Democrats have adopted their five Parliamentary candidates for Liverpool in the case of a snap General election.
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“Consult people on removal of elected mayor post in Liverpool” say Lib Dems

Liverpool’s Liberal Democrats will be moving a motion at the next meeting of the Liverpool City Council on July 20th.
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Lib Dems support calls for Liverpool to come together post Brexit vote


The Liberal Democrats in Liverpool supported the rally at St George's Hall last night, 5th July 2016, calling on Liverpool to come together after the EU referendum.


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“The Liverpool City Region must not be a pale imitation County Council but a meaningful City State”

The 6 Lib Dem Council Group Leaders from across the Liverpool City Region attended a meeting of the City Region Board  at the request of the Chair of the Board Joe Anderson, the Labour Mayor of Liverpool.
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Thousands Join The Liberal Democrats To Fight Leave

key_referndum_campaigning.jpgSince the result of the European Referendum on Thursday 23rd June, thousands of people have joined the Liberal Democrats.

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Richard Kemp Pledges to Stop Sales of all Parks and Green Spaces


Cllr Richard Kemp CBE, Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Liverpool, has pledged to stop the sale of Liverpool's parks and green spaces if elected on 5th May.

As part of the Liberal Democrat Manifesto for Liverpool, Richard Kemp would move control of the parks from the council to local non-profit making organisations led by local people.

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Liverpool Liberal Democrats Launch Manifesto Ahead of 5th May Elections

key_manifesto.pngLiverpool Liberal Democrats have launched their Manifesto ahead of the Local, Mayoral and Police and Crime Commissioner elections on Thursday 5th May.

The Manifesto, launched by Cllr Richard Kemp CBE, Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Liverpool, sets out a positive vision for the city.


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Liberal Democrats Propose Radical Shake Up Of How Liverpool Is Run

key_kemp_cathedral.pngThe Liberal Democrats have proposed a radical shake up of how Liverpool is run ahead of the Mayoral, council and Police and Crime Commissioner elections.


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We must take action against the Far Right in Liverpool


Cllr Richard Kemp CBE, has outlined plans to tackle the Far Right in Liverpool if elected as Mayor of the City.

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Liberal Democrat 5 Point Plan to Improve Liverpool's Health Service

key_kemp_health.JPGCllr Richard Kemp CBE, Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Liverpool, has set out a plan for improving Liverpool's health service should he be elected.

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