Liberal Democrats withdraw from council email service

key_snooperemail.jpgFollowing the revelation that emails to Cllr Andrew Makinson have been intercepted by council officers and a council line suggested to Cllr Makinson to use, the Lib Dem Leader in Liverpool, Cllr Richard Kemp has instructed Lib Dem councillors and party officials to stop using the Council's email addresses and use instead the councillors Lib Dem email address.

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"Make Our City Centre Safe At Night" Says Councillor Malcolm Kelly

key_saferstreets.jpgCllr Malcolm Kelly is tabling a motion to the next meeting of the City Council urging action to make the streets of Liverpool, especially those in the City Centre, safe at night.
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10 Questions about the Abandoned Hope & Glory Festival we're asking Liverpool City Council

Cllr Richard Kemp has called for a review into the recently cancelled and poorly managed Hope & Glory festival - read the 10 key questions we're asking the council here:

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Super-Dooper Pooper-Scooper Snooper scheme plan is illegal


The plan announced by Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson to offer council tax rebates to people who gave evidence leading to a  conviction in court cases where dog owners didn't clear up their dog's poo was declared to be illegal at a meeting of the the Council's Neighborhood Services Committee last night. Cabinet Member Steve Mumby gave the meeting this information as part of a response to a 'call-in motion' from the Liberal Democrats which was proposed by Lib Dem Leader Cllr Richard Kemp.

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Liberal Democrats to campaign at Liverpool Pride 2017

key_pride_stock_image.pngLiverpool's Liberal Democrats will join thousands of campaigners at Liverpool Pride 2017 to campaign against homophobia, Bi-phobia and Transphobia and to celebrate the LGBT+ community in the city.


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Richard Kemp demands action on care for the elderly


Some people seem surprised that we now have major health and social care problems for the elderly. They shouldn’t be. We have known two things for 30+ years:

  1. That people were living longer; and
  2. That did not mean that people were living healthier.
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Tom Sebire and Richard Kemp back 1p income tax rise for Health and Social Care


Our Candidates for Wavertree & Riverside talk Health

“Liverpool is one of the unhealthiest cities to live in the UK”, according to Cllr Richard Kemp the Lib Dem candidate for Wavertree and Tom Sebire, the Lib Dem Candidate for Riverside.

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Our candidate for Riverside, Tom Sebire, takes on Conservative Party policy on electoral reform


The Tory take on Democratic Reform: Crush It

In a little-noticed corner of the Tory manifesto, political advantage yet again replaces evidence-based policies. This time it relates to the reversal of recent reforms to our political system, and an evidence-free appeal to fear-mongering of voter impersonation.

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“We should be obsessed with Europe” – Says Cllr Richard Kemp, Lib Dem Candidate for Wavertree


I was out canvassing in Childwall the other night when a lady on the doorstep suggested that she thought the Lib Dems were obsessing over the EU and Brexit. Interestingly she was voting for us and she thought the EU and Brexit was important but wanted to know why it so much a feature of our local and national campaigns.

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Councillor Richard Kemp, our Candidate for Liverpool Wavertree asks: How much do Labour really care about those in poverty?


Cllr Richard Kemp, the Lib Dem candidate for Wavertree, has slammed Labour’s policies on benefits after a report from the independent think-tank the Resolution Foundation revealed that Labour will not reverse or stop £7 billion of planned benefits cuts out of the £9 billion proposed and being implemented by the Tories.

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