Top Green campaigner joins Lib Dems in Liverpool

6 Feb 2024
Carl Cashman Kevin Robinson-Hale

In my opinion Kevin is the best Green campaigner in the city and one of the best campaigners in Liverpool. I'm excited that he will be campaigning with us.

Kevin Robinson-Hale joins Liverpool Lib Dems


Everton campaigner Kevin Robinson-Hale has joined the Lib Dems from the Green Party. Kevin came with 50 votes of taking the safest Labour seat in the city at last year's local elections and has impressed many on the Liverpool political scene for his hard working style of campaigning.

Liverpool Lib Dem leader Cllr Carl Cashman said ‘I am delighted to welcome Kevin who is a passionate campaigner in his community. His type of community politics reflects the ethos and work ethic of the Lib Dems.

After missing out narrowly last May Kevin has been contemplating his campaigning future and says that he has been impressed watching the new Opposition Liberal Democrats creating a vision for the city and holding Labour accountable for their mistakes.

Kevin said ‘I have nothing but respect for the Green Party and would like to thank them for their support. However, it has become obvious to me that the real force in the city to take on Labour is the Lib Dems, who used to run the city well.’

Kevin will continue to fight for Everton even though there are no local elections until 2027. The Lib Dems campaign all year round and will fight the recent revelation that Everton leisure centre could be closed by the Labour run Council despite huge backlash from residents.

Everton has seen several stalled developments, including the recent Fox Street development that burst into flames in January. Kevin, with the help of the Lib Dems, will work hard to expose poor developments and decision making.