Shooting Incident Raises Concerns over Public Safety in Liverpool

4 Jan 2024
Police on Duty

In a shocking incident last night, a shooting occurred in Liverpool, raising concerns about the escalating levels of violent crime in the city. The incident took place in Croxteth, leaving residents shaken and prompting calls for increased efforts to address the issue.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported in connection with the incident, with police swiftly responding to the scene. However, the incident has reignited the conversation about the safety of Liverpool's streets and the need for immediate action to curb violent crime.

Lib Dem Campaigner in West Derby Kayleigh Halpin expressed gratitude that no one was harmed during the incident but voiced deep concern about the overall rise in violent crime in the city. They emphasized the importance of community safety and urged authorities to prioritize measures that would ensure residents' well-being.

Kayleigh Halpin stated, "It's strange to think that people need to feel concerned about their safety if they’re at work or just going to the cinema but last night's incident proves that we have a problem of violent crime in our city. In 2023 Liverpool suffered zero-gun deaths and last night’s incident didn’t change that but more needs to be done to tackle gun crime.  

Liverpool Liberal Democrats Crime and Policing spokesperson Josie Mullen has called on the Police and Crime Commissioner to do more to put a stop to criminal activity and violent crime in the city.

Former councillor for Broadgreen Josie Mullen remarked, "Our next Police and Crime Commissioner needs to commit to making sure that 2024 is another year with zero-gun deaths in Liverpool. Stabbings and shootings have become all too frequent news items as of late. People should feel safe in our city, whether it's going for a night out, nipping to the corner shop or going to the cinema.”

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges posed by rising violent crime in Liverpool and highlights the need for a collaborative effort between the community, law enforcement, and local authorities to create a safer environment for all residents. The Liberal Democrats vow to continue advocating for policies that address the root causes of crime and enhance public safety in Liverpool.