It's "Alder Delay"

6 Feb 2024
Phil Brookes-Lennon

“The Board have broken promises to the local community in order to appease the developers. Shame on them.”

West Derby Lib Dem Campaigner, Phil Brookes-Lennon

Top dog CEO’s at Alder Hey called out over park - Local residents have blasted those at the top at Alder Hey, branding them ‘Alder Delay’.

This comes after several promises to the local community have been broken regarding the upgrading
and useage of Springfield Park. Promises on timings and swales have been among the most frustrating for the community. 

A swale is a low-lying piece of land, created to manage and direct the flow of stormwarter. In principle a good use of space.

That is until local residents and campaigners found that the swale in the park has been created way bigger than necessary to drain a park. Alder Hey’s Board admitted at a recent meeting that it is larger in order to drain the nearby ‘money making’ new build estate!

Lib Dem campaigner Phil Brookes-Lennon said ‘The Board have repeatedly broken promises and not it would seem they have done this to appease the property developer who is building housing on the park.’ 

West Derby Lib Dems are calling on Alder Hey to reinstate the park as soon as possible and to stop breaking their promises to local residents.’