Granddaughter of former Labour North West MEP joins Lib Dems in Liverpool

10 Jan 2024
Michaela Stewart

Michaela Stewart, the Granddaughter of a prominent former Labour MEP, has joined the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. This move comes as a significant boost to the Lib Dems, as Michaela is a passionate campaigner with strong values and principles. 

The decision to switch political allegiances was taken after careful consideration and reflection, saying that she is ‘disgusted’ at Labour’s attitude in Liverpool and that they’re ‘taking the city for granted’. Michaela said that it is clear the Liberal Democrats align more closely with her personal beliefs and aspirations for the future of Liverpool. 

Speaking about her decision, the former Labour member stated, "I have always been a staunch advocate for progressive policies and social justice. However, I believe that the Liberal Democrats offer a fresh perspective and a more inclusive approach to politics. I am particularly impressed by Carl’s dedication to tackling the pressing issues facing our city."

The Liberal Democrats in Liverpool have warmly welcomed the former Labour member into their ranks. Party leader, Cllr Carl Cashman said "We are thrilled to have such a respected and dedicated individual join our party. Their passion for the city will strengthen our efforts to bring positive change to Liverpool." 

The Liberal Democrats in Liverpool are confident that this development will invigorate their party and attract more like-minded individuals who share their vision for a progressive and inclusive Liverpool. Since last year’s local elections the locally party’s membership has been growing at a significant pace, earning them a national Lib Dem award for recruiting the most members locally.

Michaela is one of many passionate activists that are not only fed up with Liverpool Labour, but believe that the Liberal Democrats can change Liverpool again.