We must take action against the Far Right in Liverpool


Cllr Richard Kemp CBE, has outlined plans to tackle the Far Right in Liverpool if elected as Mayor of the City.

Richard Kemp said:


"Last Saturday we saw some disgusting sights in the centre of Liverpool when a bunch of thugs called the North West Infidels came to Liverpool not to debate their views but to have a fight. They are part of that small group on the far right that knows that few people agree with them and that they would get no reporting for their odious views unless they are deliberately provocative.


But to deal with them we must have proper and not knee-jerk measures.


I propose the following and will seek to introduce them if elected as Liverpool’s Mayor.

  1. 1.      Final authority for deciding on whether or not marches or demonstrations should take place should be made locally.

  1. 2.      The Elected Police Commissioner is the senior politician in Liverpool responsible for policing matters

  1. 3.      The Elected Police Commissioner acting on the advice of the Chief Constable should be able to ban marches or demonstrations if they have cause to believe that:
  • Such a march or demonstration is designed to produce violence or damage to the fabric of the City; or

  • Where policing of such an event would produce costs disproportionate to the number of people involved in it.


If we are to localise the powers we all want then there must be found a way forward which brings into play sufficient legal safeguards to protect both legitimate politicians and Police. We must also recognise that odious views are not, in themselves, sufficient reasons for banning political action."


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