Richard Kemp Pledges to Stop Sales of all Parks and Green Spaces


Cllr Richard Kemp CBE, Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Liverpool, has pledged to stop the sale of Liverpool's parks and green spaces if elected on 5th May.

As part of the Liberal Democrat Manifesto for Liverpool, Richard Kemp would move control of the parks from the council to local non-profit making organisations led by local people.

Richard Kemp said:

"All the power of the Council is, effectively, in just one pair of hands. But we can turn that situation to our advantage. Change the Mayor and you can overnight change the policy.

That’s why I can make this pledge to the people of Liverpool  with the absolute confidence that if I am elected I can deliver it:

“If elected on May 5th I will on May 6th remove from sale land in Sefton Park and Calderstones Park. I will remove the threat of development from Walton Hall Park. For these parks and others where local people wish to be involved I will transfer the management of the parks by way of an unbreakable 99 year lease to local none-profit making bodies led by local people by 31st March 2017”.

This will not be easy. New bodies will need to be established, business plans will need to be done and financial support will need to be arranged. All this must be done with the consent and support of local people and park users. That’s why I know that work needs to start on this very, very quickly. But it can be done, it must be done if we are to keep the parks which are so beloved by our people in safe hands.

Make May 5th a referendum on our green spaces. Make sure ‘Concrete Joe’ gets the message and that we remove him from the position where he can do so much harm to our environment."

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