Richard Kemp demands action on care for the elderly


Some people seem surprised that we now have major health and social care problems for the elderly. They shouldn’t be. We have known two things for 30+ years:

  1. That people were living longer; and
  2. That did not mean that people were living healthier.

The gap in both finance and expectations has been growing for 30 years as successive governments put pensions, social care and long-term health problems in the ‘too difficult to deal with’ box and shoved it to one side with a succession of reports and commissions and reviews.

Now both Tory and Labour Parties intend to make things worse:

The Tories are determined to introduce what can only be described as a Dementia Tax.

Labour just want to put more money without wanting to change the system which is performing badly.

Lib Dems would do things very differently. We will:

  1. Put another £6.1 billion into health and social care with a 1% income tax increase
  2. We will preserve the triple lock on pensions. Not only is this the right thing to do for the elderly but it reduces the pressures on their families and puts money back into local communities.
  3. We will guarantee the introduction of a cap on individual social care expenditure of around £70,000.
  4. Scale back the changes in women’s pensions to give women more time to plan for a later retirement age.
  5. Remove blocks on immigration which are causing people from other countries in the health and social care sectors to consider going home early or preventing them from coming to look after us in the first place.

A fuller version of this note is available at Richard Kemp’s blog site

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