Our candidate for Riverside, Tom Sebire, takes on Conservative Party policy on electoral reform


The Tory take on Democratic Reform: Crush It

In a little-noticed corner of the Tory manifesto, political advantage yet again replaces evidence-based policies. This time it relates to the reversal of recent reforms to our political system, and an evidence-free appeal to fear-mongering of voter impersonation.

“We will retain the first past the post system of voting for parliamentary elections and extend this system to police and crime commissioner and mayoral elections.”

There are vanishingly few people in this country for whom the Tories are a second choice party – increasingly we’re becoming a nation of lovers and haters – Theresa May’s Tories are like electoral marmite, but with a sprinkling of toxic dust.

Removing the only instances of partially proportional elections (they plan to do the same for the London Assembly) is a regressive step that entrenches an “us or them” choice in elections. The Lib Dems have long called for a more proportionally representative system for all elections, including to Westminster. 

Our preference is for the single transferable vote (STV), which allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference. It means candidates need to appeal beyond their own party faithful, to try and gain people’s second or third preference votes. Think of how much more balanced our politicians could be!

 See what other aspects of the Conservative manifesto on electoral reform Tom discusses here: https://tomsebire.wordpress.com/2017/05/20/the-tory-take-on-democracy-crush-it/

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