Demand Better for Liverpool - The Liberal Democrat Manifesto

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The Caller Report has scratched the surface on just how badly our city has been run for the past decade by Labour.

£100 Million may have been lost to waste, incompetence and corruption. That's equivalent to £917 on the average Council Tax bill.

When the Liberal Democrats ran Liverpool, our city was proud to be European Capital of Culture. Under Labour, Liverpool risks becoming known as the Capital of Corruption.

It is time for a change. Liverpool needs an experienced team to rescue our city. A team who understands the problems, because they spent the past decade fighting against many of the decisions that brought our city to this point. Our city needs the Liberal Democrats back.

This is our rescue plan. We don't claim that we have all the answers, but it is a starting point to rebuild the reputation of our city, and trust between the council and its citizens.

We will open the council to scrutiny, ending a culture of secrecy that has allowed so much wrongdoing to take place.

We will scrap the post of Elected Mayor, and replace it with a Council Leader.

We will create a cleaner, greener city to take us out of the post-Covid and post-Brexit era.


Download the manifesto here

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