Liverpool - a Council with no moral compass says Richard Kemp

Liverpool’s Lib Dem Leader Cllr Richard Kemp has accused the Council of having no moral compass after receiving a shocking set of answers to questions he posed to the Council’s Audit & Governance Committee.


Cllr Richard Kemp submitted a series of written questions about Liverpool city council’s due diligence and partnership finding processes to the Audit & Governance Committee.

Cllr Kemp has reacted to the responses:

“According to the replies Liverpool has a strong due diligence process!! Really? In that case why have we entered into arrangements with a number of contractors in a number of fields.

“The promoter of the ‘Hope & Glory Festival’ with a string of failed events behind him.

The developers of a number of property schemes who a quick search on Google would reveal had a large number of questions against their name.

In a slightly different way the appointment of an architect to lead the refurbishment of St Johns Market, with no experience of markets. And the Council tells me that its processes are sound!

“The council see nothing wrong in continuing to promote residential property developments despite the fact that the involvement of the Council has led many people to invest in developments where their money is almost certain to be lost.

“The council also refused a few weeks ago to conduct a full review of the property needs of our City at a time when more and more developments are having difficulty in letting or sales.”

Liverpool needs a root and branch change in its political and managerial structures. We are paying a lot of money for a former Chief Executive to do the work that should be being done by our suspended Chief Executive. Let’s hope that he will help us to develop strong systems that will enable us to overcome the many internal problems that we have.

A full transcript of Cllr Kemp’s questions - and the council’s audit & governance committee’s responses can be found here:

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