Liberal Democrats withdraw from council email service

key_snooperemail.jpgFollowing the revelation that emails to Cllr Andrew Makinson have been intercepted by council officers and a council line suggested to Cllr Makinson to use, the Lib Dem Leader in Liverpool, Cllr Richard Kemp has instructed Lib Dem councillors and party officials to stop using the Council's email addresses and use instead the councillors Lib Dem email address.

Cllr Kemp said, "Liverpool Council, gets more like North Korea every day. Our constituents and others wishing to talk to us should have the confidence that they can communicate with elected representatives without being spied on by council staff. We no longer have confidence in the Council's integrity and therefore are asking for all correspondence to go to our Lib Dem e-mail addresses which we know to be secure"

In future we ask that all emails should be sent to our Lib Dem email accounts

These are:

Our contact details on the website and on council service websites will be updated accordingly

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