Liberal Democrats Propose Radical Shake Up Of How Liverpool Is Run

key_kemp_cathedral.pngThe Liberal Democrats have proposed a radical shake up of how Liverpool is run ahead of the Mayoral, council and Police and Crime Commissioner elections.


If elected on May 5th, Liberal Democrats will:

  • Seek to abolish the Position of Elected Mayor as soon as is legally possible.
  • Return the Council to a simple committee system of 7 committees plus legally required committees to allow all councillors a hand in the decision making process and to allow the maximum access of the people of Liverpool to decision makers.
  • We will reduce the top levels of highly paid council staff by deleting the post of Chief Executive and create a new city manager.
  • We will slash the use of consultants currently being employed, at great expense, to fill gaps in the council’s management

Whilst an elected mayoralty exists:

  • The title of Mayor will be changed to Leader of the Council
  • The Leader of the Council will hold monthly ‘open house’ public meetings at the Town Hall to answer any questions from any citizen, organisation or business based in Liverpool on any aspect of life in the city.
  • The Leader of the Council will hold fortnightly advertised sessions in communities throughout the City.
  • All of the Select Committees of the Council will be composed of 50% none-voting members to maximise expertise, knowledge and interest from amongst Liverpool residents and organisations.

These proposals will mean:

  • That all councillors will be involved in policy making and not just one.
  • That members of the public will be able to know where decisions get made and can go along and lobby the councillors making the decisions.
  • That the Leader/Elected Mayor is forced out of the cocoon of council offices and made to face and listen to the people of the city.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr Richard Kemp CBE said:

"Liverpool, currently has a highly centralised system of local government with all power vested in one person - the Elected Mayor. There is no effective scrutiny of what the Mayor does and the Mayor makes few efforts to meet the citizens of the City.

"Lib Dems believe that a more open and accountable system will mean better decision making. It will mean that everyone can influence the decisions of the council and not just a charmed few in the inner circle of the Leader’s office and cronies.

Next year under Labour it might get worse. We may have two Labour Mayors both of whom have their own courts and cronies. Frankly it doesn’t bear thinking about."

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