Liberal Democrats launch manifesto ahead of the 2018 local elections

key_manifesto_2018.pngThe Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto for the 2018 local elections in Liverpool on Thursday 3rd May.  Titled 'Ambitious for a world class city', the document sets out an ambitious and positive policy platform, in stark contrast to the Joe Anderson Labour one-party-state.

Highlights include:

- Major changes in the way the council is run with an improvement in scrutiny and oversight of the Mayor and Cabinet

-A renewed pledge to abolish the position of the Elected Mayor of Liverpool.

- Establish a methodology to ensure that the council, in terms of both political and managerial leadership, is representative of the gender, faith and ethnic balances in the city as a whole.

- A pledge to protect both the World Heritage Status and the parks and green spaces of Liverpool. 

- A stop to the Lime Street and Strand road works and use the money instead for local road improvement and safety schemes and the implementation of new bus and bike lanes.

- Proposals for improving health including encouraging all schools to develop ‘mile a day’ walking programmes and programmes for helping people buy and cook healthier food and drinks.

- Use the new Local Plan to reduce the number of student homes and will work with the Government and other agencies to deal with the problems of half-built developments all over the city and  available land for housing for families and not student pods or more one bedroomed flats.

Commenting on the launch of the Manifesto, Cllr Richard Kemp CBE said:

It may seem strange to launch a local manifesto on an international issue but Liverpool is a major global city. As we said at the at time of the launch of the Capital of Culture, “We are the World in One City”. Therefore, everything that we seek to do locally is dependent on international trade and especially on our links with Europe.

Locally or nationally we can all make promises about spending but unless we stay in the EU or at least the single market there will be less money available to meet the many social needs of our city.

In 2016 the Lib Dems were the only Party to produce a manifesto. Some of those pledges are repeated here. With the Greens and Tories out of the running it is the Liberal Democrats against Joe Anderson’s team. Every vote will get and every seat we gain will give us more opportunities to press for imaginative and progressive proposals such as those in our manifesto”


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