Liberal Democrat 5 Point Plan to Improve Liverpool's Health Service

key_kemp_health.JPGCllr Richard Kemp CBE, Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Liverpool, has set out a plan for improving Liverpool's health service should he be elected.

Richard Kemp said:

"Liverpool needs to learn and do things very, very differently. As I have mentioned before our life expectancy is on average 10 years below that of the rest of the UK. Yet this conceals a huge disparity. In my Church Ward we are likely to live 10 years longer than the Liverpool average.

We were told time and time again today that early detection means that people are far more likely not to have an illness or if do they will be much more likely to recover and recover more quickly. Put together the low level of health check take up and our poor life expectancy and you might just see a pattern."

  • 50% of all strokes and heart attacks are unexpected
  • 5,000,000 people are suffering from undiagnosed hyper-tension
  • Only 3% of the healthy budget is spent on public health which is designed to keep people healthy. 97% is spent on helping people to recover.
  • Liverpool is in the bottom third for people receiving an NHS health Check

The Liberal Democrat manifesto for the Mayoral and local elections will recognise the need to shift from cure to prevention. Liberal Democrats will:

  • Move money around within the system where we are able to put more emphasis on health checks. We will seek to ensure that the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group also begins to divert money to illness prevention rather than illness cure.
  • Set as a deliverable target that 90% of Liverpool people will have had an NHS health check inside 3 years.
  • Look closely at all groups who do not proactively seek health advice such as men in manual jobs and people from ethnic minority backgrounds and work out ways to bring them in for checking.
  • Set an example by ensuring that all staff of the Council and our regular contractors offered health care screening to all staff.
  • Work with opticians, pharmacists and dentists to help them establish themselves much more in the public’s mind as the front line of the health service and leave GPs to get on with spending more time on the seriously ill and those with minor ailments needing palliative care or just a chat than hard doctoring.

Liberal Democrats believe that we should not continue to accept the inevitably of our citizens dying earlier and living more unhealthily than any other part of the Country. Screening and health checks cost very little compared to the cost of illness.

We owe it to the people of Liverpool to be more pro-active and more supportive about their health.

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