Covid-19 Survey


The past few months have changed all our lives. Many of these changes are only temporary, we hope! Yet there have been some changes that many people have welcomed.

We want to hear your views on your experiences during lockdown, and how you would like things to change when the world gets back to normal. 

For some, lockdown and isolation has certainly left them feeling anxious and fearful. For key workers and their families this has been a particularly stressful time. Others have enjoyed the slower pace of life with more time for family - even if they can only communicate online.

There are people out riding a bike for the first time in 30 years. And, during full lockdown, many were determined to claim their right to go out for daily exercise - even if they wouldn't normally have done so. Many have noticed how much cleaner our air has been, and feel healthier for it.

So we want to hear from you. How do we build on the community spirit that has emerged during this crisis? How do we encourage people to keep walking and cycling? How do we help our shopping streets to get back on their feet?

We have a short survey below. And if you have any other thoughts or ideas, please let us know.



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