Councillor Richard Kemp, our Candidate for Liverpool Wavertree asks: How much do Labour really care about those in poverty?


Cllr Richard Kemp, the Lib Dem candidate for Wavertree, has slammed Labour’s policies on benefits after a report from the independent think-tank the Resolution Foundation revealed that Labour will not reverse or stop £7 billion of planned benefits cuts out of the £9 billion proposed and being implemented by the Tories.

He said, “For the past 7 years I have sat in Liverpool Council listening to Labour speaker after Labour speaker deriding the Lib Dems for austerity.

I did not like everything the Lib Dems did as a junior partner in Government but I was proud of 4 things that would not have happened if we hadn’t been there that made a real difference.

  1. The triple lock for pensions was introduced in the face of Tory opposition.
  2. By increasing income tax thresholds well above inflation those at the bottom of the earnings ladder made significant savings in tax.
  3. Free schools meals were given to all infants school children.
  4. The pupil premium redistributed money for schools from wealthier areas to poorer areas to try and bridge the gap between rich and poor.
  5. In addition there was another real benefit for 18 year olds. The introduction of improved grants massively increased the uptake of children from working class families going to University

 This article is taken from a blog published by Cllr Richard Kemp, which can be found at

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