Lib Dems to license and regulate cannabis


Liverpool Wavertree’s Lib Dem candidate Cllr Richard Kemp CBE has welcomed Liberal Democrat plans to licence and regulate cannabis.

Cllr Kemp says, “Liverpool is one of the Cities most affected by the drugs trade in the UK. Not only do the gangs cause misery and havoc on our streets but their criminal tentacles go around Europe as they seek to make money out of people’s misery. Liberal Democrats will take back control from criminal gangs, take ‘skunk’ off the streets, and protect young people by introducing a legal, regulated market for cannabis”.
"Hearing this statement last week was music to my ears. For many years I have been aware that ‘fighting the drugs war’ in the way that we have been has been totally useless. Large amounts of police time taken up with arresting minor users and minor dealers. The small fry getting caught while the big boys are getting away with it scot free.
A"fter much thought and much outside advice Lib Dems have ‘bitten the bullet’ and come up with a practical, fundable policy. Those that don’t like it either have to pretend that current policies are working or come up with solutions that they think are better."

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