"I'm ready to fight for Walton" says Kris Brown

key_kris_launch.jpgKris Brown, Liberal Democrats candidate for Liverpool Walton has urged voters to get behind his General Election campaign to be the constituency's new MP following Labour's divisions over their NEC imposing Daniel Carden as the candidate.


Kris said;


"Labour are too divided to fight for local people.


"Walton has very real issues around unemployment and poverty.  Many local people feel insecure about their future following Conservative government and Labour council cuts to services.


"No clear plan has been developed for what support will be given to local businesses once Everton stadium moves or whether the local area will receive much needed infrastructure and investment.


"Labour may think that this seat is 'safe' but real people on the ground don't feel safe in their future.


"We need a new approach, a fresh vision and an MP who won't take Walton voters for granted.


"While Labour fight amongst themselves, I'm ready to step up and fight for Walton"

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