10 Questions about the Abandoned Hope & Glory Festival we're asking Liverpool City Council

Cllr Richard Kemp has called for a review into the recently cancelled and poorly managed Hope & Glory festival - read the 10 key questions we're asking the council here:

key_hope_glory.pngWill a full report on the problems for this festival be undertaken and will it be made public?

If it is not going to be produced or the report is not going to be made public please explain why.

If it is to be produced and published will it include:

1. Details of the background checks on the organisers and their company and who conducted them and how.

2. Details of the assessment of the ability of the arrangements being made by the Company to handle the anticipated number of up to 12,000 on each day.

3. Details of the assessments of toilet, health and safety facilities and personnel.

4. Details of any publicity that the Council issues or assisted with which might have given the impression that this was a council supported event.

5. Details of the insurance for public liability etc of the organisers

6. Details of all costs levied up to and including the event by the council and whether they are paid.

7. Details of any contingency liability which might arise to the council from contractors to remove the fencing, staging and sound systems to allow normal free access to the site.

8. What number of people was the site licensed for? How was this figure calculated? What checks were made by the council as to numbers allowed in? Why did the Police feel the need to ban sales at the ticket office on Saturday?

9. What arrangements were made to protect the listed features of the Garden area?

10. What arrangements were made to ensure that disabled people were allowed to access the three permanent facilities on William Brown Street while this event was been assembled, run and taken down?

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