Liverpool Liberal Democrats

Address: Liverpool Liberal Democrats, 509 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 5AE


Phone: 0151733 2439


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  • commented 2017-05-20 14:34:35 +0100
    Its about time you changed your name becuase democratic you are NOT. When Clegg LIED to the students, then LIED about the eu army, this bolstered my thoughts that you are either retarded or just plain stupid. Farron now is spouting the same rubbish, we DO NOT want an open Britain we have been tolerant enough with the freeloading `migrants` (as refugee`s that have passed a safe country are no longer refugee`s), and as for a unified Britain,,,,,,,,,, garbage, ever sinse corrupt politicians illegally scammed us into the even more corrupt eu in the 70s, this country has been divided. We voted out but you will try anything, say anything , to keep us in. The very first choice in 43 years and you want to ignore it. I will look forward to watching your numbers dwindle in this upcoming election. The single market,,,,a free trading area that we PAY,,,,PAY,,,,PAY to use, so how can it be free? every country in the world has access to this single market but are NOT members, so therefore we do not need to be members to access it, no need to keep PAYING £Billions to access it. ACCESS <<<<<<<