2016/2017 Liverpool and Halewood executive



Chair: Kris Brown

Secretary: Anna Martin

Vice Chair: Paul Clark

Treasurer: Erica Kemp

Membership Development Officer: Paul Childs

Data Officer: Joe Harmer

Equality and Diversity Officer: Norman Darbyshire

Young Liberals: Alisha Lewis

arston and Halewood Reps: Danny Black, Paula Keaveney

Riverside Reps: Anna McCracken, Tom Sebire

Walton Reps: Karen Afford

West Derby Reps: Norman Mills, Graham Hulme

Wavertree Reps: Steve Atkinson, Pat Moloney


Co-opted: Liz Makinson, Barbara Mace


Ex Officio: Cllrs Kemp, Makinson, Kelly, Juarez

Parliamentary Candidates: Paul Parr, Kris Brown, Anna Martin, Tom Sebire, Richard Kemp

Member(s) of Parliament: Lord Storey of Childwall


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